Butt plastic operations are done with various techniques. Fat injection, prosthesis, filling material can be used during the procedure. Patients with loss of butt volume can also be treated with natural prosthetics created from their own body. Often, fat is extracted from the hip region and transferred to the butt region.

Butt plastic surgeries can be performed under local or general anesthesia. The operation lasts up to 2 hours.

In surgeries where incision is made, the butts are surgically pulled up and a phleb made from the body is used. This serves as a natural prosthesis. This method is applied in patients with more advanced age.

The patient wears a special corset for 2 weeks after the butt plastic surgery. Within 3-4 days after surgery, the patient may return to normal life.

The technique preferred for very thin people is to place prosthesis used for butt enhancement in gluteal region with a small incision.

After this procedure, there will be no obvious scars. This operation under general anesthesia takes 4 hours on average. Within 5 to 6 days, the patient can return to normal life.

The permanance of the results of the operation can only be affected by the the patient’s weight gain and loss. There is no incision in the procedure of fat injection.

Questions and answers

Fat İnjection:  It is a laser liposuction procedure to remove fat with fine cannulas from hips, waist, and underneath the butt and from side butts. The fat taken from the body is concentrated by special treatment and placed on the upper side of the butt. The butt gets plump by this.

Butt Prosthesis: Silicone prostheses can be used when the fat on the butt is not sufficient on the level of fullness. This operation allows the butt to protrude backward and stand high. The prostheses applied are specially designed products for the hips. Prostheses have recently been started to be inserted into the muscle. The prostheses are inserted from a short cut in butts, and there will be no surgery scars.

As is the case with all surgeries, it is necessary to quit taking aspirin and smoking cigarette in 3 weeks before this operation. It is necessary to stay away from medicines and similar substances that can dilute the blood in the last 1 week.

 The greatest risk with fat transfers is melting of fat or body’s refusing fat transfer in 30% of cases. In such cases, a second session can be considered. The natural consequences of the method are worth applying the second session.

A special corset should be worn for 2 weeks in order to ensure reshaping after operation and to minimize the edema.

It is recommended that the patient start walking after 2 weeks, doing exercise after 6 weeks.

You can sit the same day, but you are not recommended to sit for long hours at the beginning.