With this method, under a mild anesthesia with endoscopy, a hollow balloon is inserted through the mouth to the stomach. Then the balloon is inflated and a fullness is created in the patient’s stomach, and a feeling of fullness is provided.
Stomach balloon is defined as a method that needs no surgery. However, an important difference from other methods is that the balloon is removed after a certain period (6 months) and the results are not permanent.
Balloon is used in the temporary treatment of obesity, it helps the patient to lose weight and keep weight control. It also helps to reduce the risk of surgery to helpt the patient lose weight before the surgery. However, balloons can be left in the stomach for up to 6 months. Once the balloon is removed, the person may gain weight again if they do not adopt a proper diet or exercise program.

Questions and answers

  • People between the ages of 16-75 who have weight problems,
  • In order to decrease the risk by providing 20-30 kg weight loss before surgery in high risk patients who is going to have surgery due to morbid obesity,
  • To make surgery safer for those who wegiht more than 200 kilos, by helping them lose some weight before surgery;
  • Those who are overweight and fail to lose weight by means of other methods,
  • Those who think that obesity surgery is risky and want to lose weight by a less risky method;
  • Those who declare their willingness to lose weight with the stomach balloon and maintain their dietary habits.
  • Stomach balloons can be applied in a light sleep state called sedation.
  • Stomach balloon application takes a short time of 20 minutes.
  • After a few hours when the effects of anesthesia go away after the application of the stomach balloon, the patient can return to their daily life.
  • It is possible to lose weight between 3 and 25 kilos with stomach balloon.
  • It can be reapplied 1 month after the stomach balloon is removed after 6 months as of operation. The stomach balloon does not cause pain, and discomfort.
  • Stomach balloon application does not cause any permanent bruises, scars.
  • The stomach balloon can be removed whenever the person wishes, without completing 6-month period.
  • The person who applies the stomach balloon does not have to have frequent control, but it is helpful to receive the support of a dietician.
  • Stomach balloon is an effective weight loss method when it is applied in combination with diet, sports and medicines in the treatment of obesity.

The weight the patient aims to lose after the application of the stomach balloon varies from person to person. It usually varies between 3 and 25 kilos

There are two different types of stomach balloons, one of which can be inflated by air and the other by liquid. The size of the balloon and how much it is inflated is adjusted depending on weight of the patient and a customized application is made. Whether the balloon is to be inflated by liquid or air depends on the preference of the physician.

It takes approximately 15-20 minutes under sedation to insert the stomach balloon

When the patient is under sedation (anesthesia), the balloon is blown out by the endoscopic method and is taken out through mouth.

The period after the balloon is removed is called the weight control period. Patients may think they will gain weight after balloon removal. Because after the balloon is taken out, a feeling of fullness will pass and food intake may increase. It is possible to gain weight if the patient do not eat properly. However, they can continue to lose weight by following the dietitians’ recommendation.

There is no special diet before the application of the stomach balloon. Solid food consumption should be stopped 12 hours before the balloon is inserted and fluid consumption should be stopped 8 hours before the balloon is inserted. It is recommended that you drink plenty of water the day before the balloon application.

Smoking should be stopped and alcohol should not be used one day prior to the application of the stomach balloon.