Tooth whitening is the procedure of whitening a few tons of teeth that are physiologically dark or whose color changed with time depending on environmental factors, by applying special whitening gels. Teeth over time have a yellowish, grayish, neglected and dirty appearance due to inadequate oral and dental care or smoking, tea, coffee, fruit juices, red wine, excessive consumption of colorful food and beverages, some antibiotics used in childhood. Before tooth whitening procedure, the calculus and stains are cleaned and a hygienic and clean mouth is firstly provided. Then the teeth are whitened with the tooth whitening method chosen by considering the preference of the patient, giving the patient a cleaner and self-confident white smile.

Teeth whitening is classified as office-type whitening, home-type whitening, combined whitening (both office and home type whitening), and single tooth (teeth whitening from inside for teeth that had root canal therapy).

Office-type whitening is the safest method because it is applied clinically under the control of the dentist. After a special gel is applied to protect the gums and soft tissues of the patient, a whitening agent is applied to the teeth. A special LED or laser beams that activate the whitening and speeds it from about 30 minutes to 1 hour is used. If it is deemed necessary, this process is repeated every other day for 2-3 more times and the desired whiteness is achieved.

In home-type whitenings, after the measurements of the lower and upper teeth of the patient are taken, customized soft tooth whitening plates are prepared. Customized whitening gel with a slightly lower density than the office-type whitening gel is given to the patient. The patient will use these plates for at least 4 to 6 hours until they reach the desired whiteness for about 2 weeks.

Combined whitening is the method we prefer and apply most. Firstly, after the desired whitening is achieved under physician control in the clinic, the patient will be informed about how tooth whitening plates and special whitening gels to be used at home are applied. The patient continues bleaching at home according to his wishes.

Single tooth whitening is applied by to the teeth, for which the classic tooth-whitening techniques faild, and which had root canal therapy, placing a special tooth-whitening agent into the tooth and closing it with a temporary filling. The procedure continues until the desired tone of the tooth is obtained. Then the whitening agent is removed and the tooth is closed with permanent filling.

Bleaching implemented with a laser, in order to remove the discolorations in the teeth.

Bleaching: The procedure whereby the colour of teeth, which have grown darker for various reasons, becomes whiter, is called bleaching. Dental scaling is performed before the procedure, in order to remove all bacterial plaques and residues from the teeth. The bleaching gel applied by the dentist on to the teeth will be activated with the aid of UV rays or a laser, ensuring a whitening (lightening) in the colour of the teeth.

Whom can it be performed on: It can be performed on everyone whose teeth have become discoloured and who are unhappy with this situation.

After Bleaching: The discolouring of teeth is repeated in time, depending on the habits of the patient, and the bleaching procedure is therefore one which needs to be repeated at certain intervals.