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Slow eating reduces the risk of obesity!


It’s been known that eating slowly had an positive effect in weight control. Also the study of Japanese scientists who carry out research on diabetes shows evidence of this effect. The research once a...

Sedentary Lifestyle Triggers Diabetes


Since hyperglycaemia could hinder an active living for diabetics, the golden rule in treatment is to ensure that the patent leads a comfortable living. Adopting a healthy diet, avoiding sedentary life...

Best way to treat obesity and diabetes is proper nutrition


Obesity leads to an increase in the risk of developing diseases. In the last 4 decades, the obesity has increase all over the world, with a higher prevalence rate in women as against men. Recent studi...

Just be careful what you eat and how much!


Why does a person choke while eating and what to do to prevent choking?” Obese people with breathing problem are more prone to choke on what they eat as the food gets into their windpipe. The persons ...

Obesity-related infertility


Weight problems that began in early ages may prevent you from being a mother-father! Being overweight or flimsy prevents women from becoming pregnancy and it also affects the amount of sperm in men as...