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Obesity leads to an increase in the risk of developing diseases.

In the last 4 decades, the obesity has increase all over the world, with a higher prevalence rate in women as against men. Recent studies revealed that 44.2 percent of women and 27.3 of men are obese. People with a body-mass index over 30 kg/m² is considered obese by World Health Organization. Obesity and diabetes is becoming a serious health problem all around the world. Besides, obesity is a major risk factor for Type 2 and 90 percent of Type 2 diabetics are obese.

Psychological preparation

Individuals know that they should first adopt the methods such as, change in their lifestyle, exercise therapy, nutritional therapy, etc. but they will have to undergo surgical intervention should if they prove unsuccessful. For this reason, the persons has to be aware of the health problems caused by obesity and willing to take measures against them, as a significant step in terms of responding to all treatments.

Regular sleep is crucial

He/she stated that women’s metabolisms are slower than those of men, regular sleep is an important factor in weight control and weight gain is faster in women as compared to men, through the processes such as lack of sleep, giving birth and menopause, etc.