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Weight problems that began in early ages may prevent you from being a mother-father!

Being overweight or flimsy prevents women from becoming pregnancy and it also affects the amount of sperm in men as well. Experts warn that weight problems beginning at a young age may prevent you be a mother-father in the future. Too many fat cells cause oestrogen imbalance, which prevents ovulation. Increased body mass index gives rise to local, hormonal and metabolic problems and therefore, the eggs fail to grow maturity. Those suffering from hyperandrogenism (increase of male hormones like testosterone), which emerges upon the weight gain and ovulation problems, are less likely to get pregnant. The ideal body mass index for pregnancy is between the range of 21 and 29. When obese women with menstrual problems lose 5 percent of their weight, they will get rid of these problems by 60 percent. Recent studies reveal that 40% of infertility problems in women have an ovulation problem. This group is composed of the women with overweight and over-syndrome problem. The likelihood of embryo implantation will be low in obese women as against women with a normal weight. The duration of treatment increases as the number of eggs is low and even the pregnancy complications increase since the treatment is likely to be left half finished. Expectant mothers who receive in vitro fertilization therapy need to get rid of their excess weight in order to avoid such problems. Expectant mothers will be protected from the diseases such as blood pressure and diabetes as they lose excess weight. Diet programs and exercises are recommended to applicant who will begin the IVF treatment. If the applicants manage to lose 5 percent of their weight, they are more likely to be successful in the treatment.
Briefly, age, lifestyle, weight, stress, smoking, use of alcohol as well as genetic structure affect fertility as they determine the sperm quality. Any negativity in these steps prevents the couple from achieving a pregnancy and dramatically reduces the chances in IVF.

Correcting the diet by making changes in the way of life, getting the ideal weight by doing exercise and losing weight systematically improves the sperm functions and increases the odds of pregnancy. Especially, lower fat consumption and use of vegetable oil containing Omega-3 eliminates the sperm problems.