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Since hyperglycaemia could hinder an active living for diabetics, the golden rule in treatment is to ensure that the patent leads a comfortable living. Adopting a healthy diet, avoiding sedentary lifestyle and regular exercising, sticking to the treatment under the supervision of a specialist significantly increase the quality of life for the diabetics.

First step in controlling the diabetes is a healthy and balanced diet

Healthy diet is of paramount importance for diabetics. The patients are required to consume three main groups of food: protein, fat and carbohydrates, considering the needs of their bodies. Diet planning, the first step in the treatment of diabetes, is adjusted in a way not to disturb the vitamin and mineral balance in the patients. A “medical nutrition therapy” has to be implemented, by preparing a healthy nutritional plan in an attempt to control the blood glucose in the diabetic patients.

Healthy nutrition plan with diabetic diet

Although Insulin or medication is necessary to treat diabetes, it is also crucial to stick with a medical nutrition plan. “Diabetic diet” is therefore an ideal healthy dietary plan for the family of diabetic. Controlling the blood sugar level with a healthy diet helps to protect the body weight and to prevent heart problems. Since every food, once consumed, affects blood glucose levels. So, the type and amount of the food to be taken should be determined; by taking the physical structure and other existing diseases once the blood sugar value of the patient is brought under control.

Regular exercise is a must in diabetes for a high living quality

The lifestyles of the people are significantly influenced by the developing technology. Problems such as immobility and eating disorders also increase as the time spent at home watching television or using computer increases. These habits that trigger the risk of diabetes can be ruled out with regular exercise. Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, regular exercise and being active in daily life are important criteria for physical and mental health. Exercise helps to increase the muscle tonicity, giving the body a fit appearance, by burning down the calories taken and thus reducing the amount of fat in the body. Regular exercising and workout not only reduces the blood glucose and boosts the insulin efficiency but also allows the body to use the blood sugar efficiently.

Diabetics must not drift away from the social life

A social life with a balanced diet, regular exercise, medical check-ups and treatments is a 4-item plan in order for the diabetics to lead their lives in a healthy and quality way. In diabetic patients, social factors as well as medical factors have a great impact on the quality of life. A great majority of the patients drifts away from social life while they receive medication and insulin treatment. However, those who are aware of their illness and fulfil what the treatment takes can lead their lives in the normal way as healthy individuals. What matters is to decide on a healthy lifestyle and strictly follow the practices mentioned in the treatment plan. The major factor that prevents the onset of type 2 diabetes is to stick with the rules of a healthy living.